Sunday, June 27, 2010

Car Accessories

For our move down south last summer we purchased a Rocketbox to hold all our luggage since we drove the whole way from California to Alabama.

The funny thing is that you see these types of luggage holders on LOTS of cars in California. There is so much outdoorsy things to do there that people just leave them on their cars and when the time comes to go camping, or canoeing or hiking, they just pack them and they're off. Makes sense to me!

But if someone was like us and just has it on top of their car because it is a real hassle to take it off, you would never know. You could just assume they are the active type that is always prepared for whatever outdoor adventure comes up.

People don't really think that way here. I have had several people ask me why we still have our box on top of the car, some have asked if we are going on a trip and some have even teased me about my car's accessory.

Sure we have only used it for one camping trip since getting here. But I tell you what, I never loose my car in a Wal-Mart parking lot. So the Rocketbox stays.


kara said...

What does it do to your gas mileage? I've always wondered...thanks for the chance to finally ask.

Kara and Theo said...

I asked Theo about that and he actually didn't have an answer. But I know you can by those front covers for them to make them more aerodynamic.

Mills Family said...

I love your car accessory! I think it is pretty cool. I can always look around the church parking lot and know if the Ikner's are there! 8)

Delsie Maidens said...

Your car accessory looks very simple, and it can definitely help if you have extra luggage during those long road trips. Do they have sizes for smaller cars? I've always wanted one of those for my car since I usually hike with my family.