Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cemetery Fun

Beautiful, isn't it? When we were younger we didn't take your conventional nature walks. If we were in the mood for outdoor adventure this was our destination. We would take the trail through the woods behind our house that would put us out here at the Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery to feed the ducks at the pond. (I don't find this morbid in any way.) I always enjoyed coming here with my mother when I was young and also when I was older whether for personal reflection or time-filling recreation with friends.
I brought my girls here to share my childhood memories of the place. We brought bread to feed to the swans and ducks. To my surprise there were several seagulls there as well, even though I don't remember there being any seagulls here when I was younger. The word must have gotten out that there was people here throwing free food.
This was the furthest Emma got from me, and only once. As soon as the ducks started coming closer for the food she came running and screaming towards me and permanently attaching herself to my leg.

The turtle population has really taken off as well. I remember the rare occurrence of spotting a turtle, but that day we say several, even baby ones. That was super cool for the girls.

This huge oak tree is right beside the pond. We had so much fun climbing on this when I was younger. It's a kid magnet. Miriam saw it's climbing potential right away and as soon as she ran out of bread she headed straight for it.
I wanted a picture of my girls sitting on the limb, but Emma was still glued to my leg at this point. Miriam loves, LOVES holding Hannah that she couldn't resist holding her while she sat there. I assure you that Hannah was wearing a full coverage shirt, the choke hold Miriam has on her has pulled her shirt up to make it resemble a pink halter. Not the case, but still that is one cute belly!

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Lauren said...

That tree is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It makes me want to live in the south just so I can climb on one too.