Thursday, April 9, 2009

Meatloaf Cupcakes

I know this posting is late, but I was having a problem loading the video and then I forgot. So here is another attempt to share our April Fools.

I wasn't planning on doing anything. I'm really lame when it comes to ideas for pranking people. But I came across an idea where this mother made Meatloaf cupcakes for her kids. I thought this sounded like an awesome idea and I had all the ingredients, so what the hay!

I had to work fast while my kids were preoccupied in the other room, or else they would have been in the kitchen asking what I was making and wanting to help. And I knew that if they saw the ingredients the ruse would be over. They weren't even interested until I took it out of the oven and was piping the mashed potato icing on top. Thankfully my two girls are too short to see inside the cups, but Tobie did see and when I told the girls we were having cupcakes for dinner, he kept saying, "Yeah, meat cupcakes!". The girls didn't understand what he meant and I kept telling him to put a sock in it. I don't think the girls really caredor noticed what he was saying anyway, they were too busy dancing around the house yelling, "We're having cupcakes for dinner!!!". They couldn't believe their little eyes. I was probably the coolest mom at that moment.

Then it was time to sit at the table. The girls could hardly contain their excitement for the blessing of the "cupcakes". Just check out Miriam's face, PRICELESS!!! As soon as we said amen, Emma licked the icing and made some weird face, like "What the ....???" But said "MMMMmmmm..." I asked her if it was a yummy cupcake, and she stuck with it. "Uh-huh". Miriam tasted the icing, and immediately her eyebrows furrowed in shock. Then when we took the foil wrappers off she was just flabbergasted. "What's wrong with these cupcakes?". I couldn't contain my laughter and explained that they were meatloaf with mashed potatoes. She didn't go near the purple potatoes after that and the meat was even more disgusting to her. Emma ate most of hers, but that didn't stop her from accepting a bowl of cereal after.

I felt pretty proud of myself. And the masochistic part of it is that I can hardly wait for my kids to get older and pull pranks on me.

For some reason the video isn't uploading. I caught the whole thing on camera, and I can't even share it with everyone. Argh! I'll try it again later. Keep your fingers crossed, it is so worth it!

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