Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Forgetful Organizer

I think that is my new self title. Do you ever feel good about yourself when you actually put things in a "place"? Everything has it's place, I believe the phrase goes. My method is put it down where you are, ignore it for a while, then when you can't take the clutter anymore organize it by putting it where it SHOULD be and then feel good about myself and wondering why I didn't just do that in the first place.

The only problem...most times I forget where I have put it when I was "organizing". I do this a lot I am realizing. I organize things into hiding places.

Just this afternoon I was getting ready for my sons Open House at school, and as I was putting on my makeup I couldn't find my eyebrow pencil sharpener. I distinctly remember finding it after the umpteenth time losing it and putting it in its "place" and feeling good about it. But that is the end of my recollection as to where I actually put it. Funny how I remember the feeling of accomplishment and being proud of myself that I was finally maturing and being responsible for my stuff, but I have no idea where I put the darn sharpener!

The same goes with my apple slicer, sure wish I could find that one.

Does anyone else experience this, or should I seek professional help? Maybe I'll just get one of those brain exercising games for the DS, or play Soduko. I seriously need to pump up my brain power before the kids are old enough to catch on.


nuttynewburns said...

I am so there with you on this one I am the world worse why is it we know right where it is when its out of sorts but when you feel that knot in your throat when you cant find that thing you felt great about placing in its right place we always say oh i must have put it where i could find it go figure LOL YOU are not alone!!!!Let me know if we do need help!!

Sarah said...

I got so sick of seeing Matthew's Easter basket all over his room that I decided to "put it away until next year". Well, now it's next year, and I'll be darned if I can't remember where I put the stupid thing. And I REFUSE to buy a new one. Matthew and Emily will be hunting Easter eggs with their Halloween buckets this year thank you very much!!