Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oakland Temple Lights

Theo unexpectedly got sent to Hawaii again and we had planned to go to the Temple last night. Instead of saying "Oh well, maybe when he gets back." I sent out an e-mail to all my friends asking who would like to come with me. I am so thankful to Nathan and Cicily for taking me up on my offer. It was such a fun time that started with Fentons and ended with running it off in awe at the beautiful Temple lights!
Emma and their son Enoch in the booth at Fentons. The food was sooooo good!!! I got this ginormous sundae, but then Tobie had to go to the bathroom, so typical. So by the time I got back it had turned into a milkshake. But it was still good!!!
Tobie insisted on wearing his new Christmas outfit for church to the Temple. He wanted to look his best. He was such a handsome boy! Cicily was super nice and took Miriam and Tobie to walk around the roof. It was such a beautiful sight. Tobie looked over the edge down into the city and noticing the smog says,"There's a dust storm!". It did look very dusty!=)
Nathan took all these pictures, my camera wasn't being nice to me and all my pictures ended up being blurry. This is just a wonderful picture of the Temple and all the lights. I was really surprised at all the lights, it was absolutely wonderful! Thank you Nathan and Cicily for going with me!


Annie said...

Wow, aren't those beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo Beautiful!! I'm so jealous. I'm sure it was much more beautiful in person!!...Chelle