Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dressed for Christmas

Here we all are ready for church the Sunday before Christmas. We were all matching with our black, red and white. Emma is in her Little Red Riding outfit. She has on a cape with a hood that really does play the part of Little Red. Miriam is finally growing more hair that I can actually attempt hairdos on! And boy does she love it! She is always saying how she is a little princess. Tobie is looking very handsome in his tie and vest! (He put the tie on all by his self!) I'm in my standard Christmas sweater and black skirt, and you can't really tell, but Theo's tie is all Christmas colors. I love Christmas and Easter because you have a reason to go shopping for pretty dresses and handsome suits and not feel guilty!


Lainie said...

What a beautiful family!!! And AMEN on the Easter and Christmas comment. I'm all about fancy new clothes for those 2 holidays!!! So fun!!

Sarah said...

You all look adorable! I can't believe how big the kids are getting!!

Aleisha said...

HOLY COW, look at your family. I cant believe you have two gilrs. And tobby, he's so big. You look amazing too. Where are you guys now? By the way...its Aleisha McFarlane. Remember me from Florida?? Meredith led me to you. =o) I'm glad to see another face I know on here. =o)