Saturday, March 17, 2007

Family Portrait

What a wonderful way to keep in touch with family and friends! It will be interesting to see how well I keep up with blogging considering that I struggle with my journal writing on paper. Since this will be my connection with friends and family far away hopefully that will be my motivation. So "Good Luck!" to me and I hope you all enjoy!!!


fry said...

I like the picture. It makes you guys look like a normal family without the alcohol problems and all. I need to call and say hey sometime. It just seems like sometime is always so hard to get to. I graduate from BYU in April and I go to OCC June 2 the day after I turn 27 years old man. They stop taking officers for aviation at 27.5 years old so I barely slid in the gate. Crazy years just keep creepin up on ya. I haven't even noticed that I'v been home from the mission for five years without a serious girlfriend to show for it. I need to get married and have a few road bumps of my own before people start to think I'v been wasting time. I have been training hard for the Corps. I didn't know that running could be a religion. With any luck I will be commissioned in August of this summer. It will be a new day for my family. They don't exactly know what I am doing, but I just tell them its standard BYU graduate procedure to go into the Marines and they just agree with me. I better let yall go since your kids are screaming and making a mess.

Semper Fidelis

David Bozeman

Drew and Annie said...

You can do it! Blogging is far superior to journal writing because you get "comments"'s more interactive!
Can't wait to meet Theo since I think he's the only one in the bunch that I haven't met. Maybe he'd like Bunco? :)

thebohans said...

Love the family picture! You're becoming a regular Buncoette, right!?!?!?

Lainie said...

You guys look great! Your blog is totally cute!!! Waytigo Kara!