Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dragon Face

I went to a Baby Expo over the weekend and they had a balloon clown and another clown painting faces. Tobie first wanted to be painted like a dinosaur, but the lady didn't have a book on how to paint a face like that. When she mentioned a dragon, Tobie immediately agreed. He was really disappointed when I told him we had to wash his face during his bath that night. I know he would have thought he was the coolest thing at church if he showed up with a dragon on his face!


Mama & Dad said...

Hey, this is Chelle. Coby said Tobie looked cool! Wish that was the first pic we saw. Coby and I saw the hair pic and at the same time we both went "Gross!"

Drew and Annie said...

Ah come on mom! You should have left it for church and let him give a primary talk about it! :)