Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rice Krispy Wedding Cake

I don't normally do wedding cakes, but when someone at my church approached me about doing their son's wedding cake ALL Rice Krispies, I was intrigued.  They showed me a few examples on Pinterest, but I was worried that I wouldn't get the depth for the height of the cake to look right.  I knew I needed a deep dish cake pan to make the tiers in so I wouldn't have that layered look inside each tier, it had to be a block of Rice Krispy or it wouldn't look right.
I found some Fat Daddy cake pans, but they would have been to expensive, and I was worried that I may not get them out all the way.  So I asked Theo to make me some deep shadow boxes that I could use as a frame for each tier. In no time at all, he cranked out these bad boys:
10X10, 8X8, and a 6X6

I covered the sides with tinfoil and greased them up real good, then placed them on greased up plastic wrap so they wouldn't stick to the table.

Here are the Krispy tiers all snug in their packed frames.  It took 19 batches of Rice Krispy treats to fill these suckers!!!

The naked cake all stacked and pretty.  Good thing Theo had the foresight to build the frames with screws, even with all the shortening the bigger tiers gave me a tough time.  Theo just unscrewed the screws and pulled the sides off, it was magical!

And here is the cake in all it's glory!  They had the decoration already figured out for the cake so I just had to stack it and she added the flag bunting and a really cool sparkly ribbon on the bottom of each tier.  I'd have to say, this is my favorite version of a Rice Krispy wedding cake, of course I am a little biased...:)


Britt Family said...

19 batches of Rice Krispies. Oh my! How did they cut and serve it? I really like that but I would added icing or something to jazz it up.

Kara and Theo said...

They had a serrated knife, it cut pretty easy for them, they just took off a corner. I had to saw through it for the serving sizes and the thicker parts were a beast! It was totally worth it though. :)