Friday, April 27, 2012

Introducing Sparkles

At 12:30 A.M. Thursday night this little booger decided to make my engine her new home. Our dog, Friday, was barking like crazy at the window beside the driveway. Thinking it was Dakota, my cat, I let her in, but could hear the meowing pleas of another animal. I woke up Theo and together we spent the next hour and a half trying to coax this kitten out so we could grab her.

We would scare her out of my car just to have her run under Theo's car and jump up into his engine. Over and over we did this. I'm sure we were a sight!

Theo wanted to give up several times, but I was too afraid of turning my car on in the morning and something really bad happening and then we would be planning a Kitty funeral! Finally I forgot about my own skin and crawled under my car, reached up and grabbed her.

It is still not set in stone as to whether she will become an Ikner. Ever since I introduced her to the kids it has gone from glee-screeching squeals to tearful protests as to who held her the longest. I am really close to sending her to the LDS pound!

What? You've never heard of the LDS pound? It's the place my mom told me she took the new little kittens our Mama cat just weened. You know, so some nice Mormon family could adopt them? Or maybe it was just her way of consoling her young daughter who after finding out the kittens were gone when she came home from school, sobbed all night listening to THIS SONG over and over and over again.

Yeah, probably that.

Hopefully Sparkles will make it, or I just may be getting that song on itunes so my girls can start their grieving process.

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