Friday, January 20, 2012


I know I haven't blogged in a while. This past Christmas has got to be the MOST stressful Christmas I can ever recall! I've never made so many cookies, sugar cookies, molasses gingerbread cookies and divinity...Oh the DIVINITY!!! I made at least 10 batches of that heavenly treat! Then there was the parties! Cookie exchanges, church parties, family parties. So much to do and not enough time to do it all in.

Then the second week this month we took a family trip to Disney World and Theo and I ran the Disney Half Marathon, and he then went on to run the Full Marathon the next day. Without skipping a beat we spent a whole week ping ponging to different Disney parks. We rode rides, saw shows and ate and ate and ate, and walked and walked and walked! I actually filled my memory card on my brand new camera the last day we were there. I may get some pictures up, but just the thought of going through all those pictures makes me exhausted!

We got home and then Theo got really sick, like lymph nods so swollen they resembled a Roosters wattle. We took a trip to the ER and two buttocks shots later he is on the mend.

I thought once the Christmas season and our race was over I would be able to breathe and just relax for a while. But we got the Military Mardi Gras Ball coming up, a cruise Theo and I have to go on during Spring Break and the biggest news of all, looks like we are transferring out after the school year. We were suppose to have another year here, but Theo out ranked his position. So now my head is swimming with selling the house, what if we don't sell the house, do we really want to rent, are we going to find a nice place where we are going? So many thoughts and they are really making my brain weary.

But enough complaining, I'll try to do better, just as soon as I feel better.


Carrie Cox said...

Yikes! Hope you get a LITTLE rest.

Giuli said...

Where are ya'll ending up soon? Good luck with the move and big life change. We are thinking of ya.

kara said...

So I think it's completely fabulous that you are being re-assigned to Marin again. Really wonderful. :-) A girl can hope...

Sorry to hear of the sickness and other stresses. Just be glad you don't live in Marin right now where the whole county has Norovirus. It's lovely.