Monday, August 22, 2011


Now with the kids in school I feel that I am in desperate need of some structure myself. I need to get my house in order and I found the answer on CJane's vlog. A few weeks ago she videoed how she cleans her house in "zones". I have thought of this technique before, but could never seem to solidify it. After watching her vlog I realized why I haven't been able to be successful at house simply isn't THAT big to zone anything. So I really had to simplify and got the idea of assigning certain tasks to certain days.

My project today was determining what to do on what day. This is now my week:

Monday: Dusting, Vacuuming
Tuesday: Windows
Wednesday: Bathrooms, Vacuuming
Thursday: Clean Refrigerator and Microwave
Friday: Mop floors, Vacuuming
Saturday: Wash bed sheets, clean rooms
Sunday: Rest

Of course I didn't add Laundry, since I do that every day anyway, or dishes, since I do that SEVERAL times a day. But I feel like now I have a game plan and I feel that I can finally have order in my home.

I know, I's only taken me 12 years of marriage and 5 kids to finally figure this out and I'm sure probably all my readers have their own game plan already in place. All I can say is I guess I'm a little slow, BUT now I am determined!

Before I just tried to keep my house clean according to how I saw fit....or if we were having company....but no longer! My house will be a house of Order for my family's sake and for the sake of my sanity!


Mills Family said...

Great idea!

Mostess Mommy said...

I finally figured out what best for me, too, and that was to spend 10 minutes on each are of the house...I may not get everything done all at once but it keeps things orderly and then on Saturdays, I put everyone to work! Good times!

Cicily said...

I do this same thing! If you have an iPad there is great app just for this. You can customize it, and then check off what you've done. I love it for after dinner, Nathan seems to think clearing the table is enough, but now when he asks what needs to be done, I say "go check the iPad"

kara said...

I have started and failed at this several times. And now I'm starting again. My problem is, when one thing throws it off (holiday, sick, etc) then I can't seem to get back into the swing of it. Let me know if you figure out how to beat that. Good luck!!!

Cicily said...

I just start where I left off. For example, if there is sickness during the week I was supposed to clean the kitchen, I just get it to a 'passing' grade, and move on to the tasks for the week I am in. My friend let me borrow a book called 'sink reflections' it is all about zoning and has really helped me to keep the house clean. See if you can get your hands on that book, it is really awesome!