Monday, August 15, 2011

Let the Learning Begin!

Another school year begins here in Alabama and another one of my kids starts school for the first time! My little Emma started Preschool today, and now I am down to 2 kids at home.

I was definitely excited about school starting, but I had no idea the wave of euphoria that would pour over me once I dropped my little angels off.

Don't get me wrong, of course I love my kids, but you have to understand my summer vacation has consisted of referring arguments, breaking up fights, popping tylenol to get rid of the throbbing headaches spurred from the incessant screaming...the high-pitched banshee screaming....*shudder*...

So you see it's not that I don't want them around I just get tired of wiping the blood dripping from my ears.

When we were in California and Tobie started Kindergarten I felt a little disappointed that we didn't have to buy any school supplies. That has always been my favorite time of the school year picking out my folders, the smell of newly sharpened pencils and finding just the right type of pen to fit my hand in preparation of hours and hours of writing. What I wasn't aware of is the cost my parents had to dish out every school year on supplies. When we moved back to Alabama I learned that lesson. This year we were particularly hit pretty hard now that there are 3 in school. In just supplies alone we spent well over $100. And that's not including the uniforms, backpacks, lunchboxes, new shoes and socks.

Yeah, I wouldn't mind going back to missing out on supply shopping. That's one bit of nostalgia that I can do without reliving.


Mills Family said...

Can't believe Emma is in preschool and you only have two at home. Hope you are enjoying your "quiet time" only 178 days until summer time!

Jessica Reid said...

Well, now that California's schools are seriously underwater we are having to buy at least $50 worth of school supplies per child, plus they are asking for donations throughout the year.