Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beggars Can't Be Choosers

Having 5 kids around the house is very taxing on one person alone. I have heard stories of picky couples who won't let the other spouse help out around the house because they don't "do" it the right way. They won't let their spouse fold the clothes, do the dishes and I have even heard of a wife who wouldn't let her husband cut the grass because he can't do it the way that she wants it. If you have the time and energy to make everything perfect the way YOU want it, then more power to you. But I am spent and spread thin and hey, any kind of help is good help.

Thankfully Heavenly Father blessed me with a wonderful husband that understands and goes above and beyond his husband-ly duties.

For example...

He folds the clothes. He may fold them without turning them right side out...yes, even shirts, but he folds them.

He does the dishes. He may not place them in the dishwasher the way I would to get full capacity, but he does them. And I may end up on a treasure hunt looking for my cooking utensils because they are never in the same place twice, but he does it without even asking me if I need help.

He vacuums. And this one he actually does more often than me. I'm so busy trying to make sure that diapers are clean and sippy cups are refilled that I don't think to look at the carpet unless there was a mishap with a bowl of dry cereal or when Hannah tells me she is done with her chips by dumping the crumbs out on the couch. He is really good about just pulling out the vacuum cleaner and doing a quick once over several times a week.

And after all this, plus many other things around the house, he goes outside and does all those manly duties like cutting the grass, weed eating, helping me with my garden, washing and detailing the cars and much, much more!

I would never think of telling him to stop helping just because things aren't done just so. I don't demand that he do it better, or even that he do things my way. In fact I don't ask him to do it at all, he just steps in and helps me with my load.

I guess I'm not much of a beggar then, only because I don't HAVE to beg him for help. Either way, I couldn't choose a better help meet than my Theo.