Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulet!

After being away for almost 8 years we finally were able to enjoy a bona fide Mobile Mardi Gras parade.

Let me first point out that Mobile was the first to have Mardi Gras, New Orleans stole it and tainted it. I haven't been to any recent N.O. parades, but they were always known as really wild and definitely not family oriented. ('Girls Gone Wild' would be an excellent example.)

But Mobile was always the older maturer parade party where families are welcome and encouraged.
Theo was wearing Hannah on his back and the ladies in the floats just loved it! We caught more stuffed animals then I have ever seen in all my youthful days of parade going.
They had the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. Those beasts are HUGE! And down right gorgeous!
The kids really loved it. This was their first experience with a parade and they got right in there yelling for beads and moon pies. It was COLD that night! Hannah isn't wearing gloves because she kept pulling them off, I promise I wasn't neglecting my baby.
The coolest thing about Mardi Gras this year is that Theo took me to a Military Mardi Gras Ball. Anyone who grew up here knows that is a big deal and you are expected to dress to the nines! I was so excited to go out and buy myself a Ball Gown! I didn't even get to do that for my Senior Prom! I went all out, as you can tell. Thanks to my wonderful sister, Delene, who modified my dress to make it modest and also doing my hair and nails. She really did me up right!
The Ball was a sit down dinner, which I was very impressed with. I have had several people tell me how bored I was going to be since these Balls are known as drink fests and I don't drink. That wasn't the case at all, which I think is ironic considering that it was a Military Ball. They had a live band and a nice dance floor where everyone was really taking advantage of. Even Theo and I got out there and was able to use our sweet dancing skills we learned in our dance class last season.
It was so much fun, and with the Ball being on the 13th of February I consider it to be the BEST Valentine's date ever!


Britt Family said...

Girl, you looked fabulous!! So fun to get dressed up and celebrate! I love Mardi gras time in Mobile also!!

The Lemon Family said...

i LOVED the dress and you both looked stunning...maybe one of these years we will come visit during mardi gras and do a parade :)

Mills Family said...

looks like you had a wonderful time! Kara you look so beautiful as always!

Alabama Apples said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE your ball gown and you are stunning! How sweet of Theo to take you!