Thursday, February 25, 2010


Or the lack there of is more like it. I'm not the type of person who just writes about any little thing that happens in my life. I feel if I am going to make it public it should be worth reading to a stranger.

Even as I type this I have sat here with my arms folded just staring at the screen for a whole 3 minutes.

I think my issue is the inability to really open up. I think of tons of things to write about and even begin narration in my head, but when it comes to typing it out I loose my nerve and abandon the idea entirely.

Like now I am batting around the idea of this whole remaking of the hot dog issue. I mean seriously people, THE hot dog??? I realize it's a choking hazard, but there's this really cool invention called the knife, maybe you should give it a try. And what about grapes? Maybe some scientist should create a way to alter how mother nature shapes spherical food. I mean really, how dare people expect us mothers to actually 'cut up' food. I got more important things to do, like......uh.....stare at a computer screen for 3 minutes with a blank expression on my face.

See? Is that really 'buzz' worthy? I guess if it's good enough for the news it should be good enough for me.

Maybe I could blog about when I took Tobie to see a Psychiatrist to get him tested for ADHD, but found out that he is one depressed little boy. I know why I haven't blogged about that yet; guilt. As his mother I feel completely responsible that I haven't reared him correctly and therefore he is already feeling inadequate for his short 7 1/2 yr. old life.

Perhaps I am thinking too deeply or taking this blog thing a little too seriously. I need to find a happy medium between keeping it light and entertaining.

Oh! I just thought of something I would LOVE to blog about, but that will have to come on a different day. I have to muster up enough courage and witty sentence structure first. There I go again, thinking too hard. It's a vicious cycle.

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Lemon said...

i feel your pain hence my inconsistency of are AWSOME!!!! and a great mom dont worry too much about can escape it all and come out to vegas we should plan a big girls weekend ;)