Monday, August 24, 2009

My Second Grader

Look at my handsome little man! School started last week, but I just found my USB cord and I just downloaded all my pictures. I was sitting on the fence as to whether I liked the idea of having a uniform or not. After seeing Tobie all dressed up I thought he looked pretty darn spiffy if I do say so myself.

Unfortunately good looks don't get you everywhere in this world. By Wednesday the teacher came out to my car when I came to pick him up to ask if he was on medication back in California. I told her that he had been checked by his pediatrician and was told that he was just a normal active boy. Personally I think he has a form of turrets. That poor boy just can't seem to control his outbursts. Seriously, I still wonder about him sometimes.

I am loving his school already though. For drop off and pick-up all you have to do is sit in line and then the teachers pull the cars up in waves. Once as many cars that can pulls up the teachers yell, "Load Up!", that's at pick up. I just sit there and wait for Tobie to come to me. Before at Hamilton I had to unload all my girls, get the double stroller out, push it all the way to his class room and then pick him up at his class door. Then walk out to the car load and buckle all my girls back into their seats, load up the stroller and then try to pull out of a very congested parking lot. I have been ecstatic at the fluidity of their system.

Also, when Tobie started the first grade at Hamilton his stuttering started getting really bad. I was constantly asking his teacher about getting him into Speech Therapy. It was like an act of congress to get him in there and it wasn't until after the Christmas holidays before they finally got the ball rolling for his therapy. That only gave him half a school year to work on his speech. I was not thrilled about this, so when we moved here I was a little nervous about how they would go about handling his therapy. But then last Thursday Tobie comes home and tells me he had his first Speech Therapy class! I was so excited and grateful. I didn't even have to tell them about his obvious stutter, I didn't have to have 50 meetings just to get him in speech. They saw a need and they got it done. I was actually in Speech therapy when I went there in my youth and I LOVED it, so I really hope this is going to work for him also.

I'm really loving this school and I really hope he creates as many happy memories here as I have.


Kara McDonald said...

I cannot believe that he is in second grade-- that just proves it has been entirely too long since we've seen you all. Maybe now that you are slightly closer! I am glad that things seem to be going better at this school. I hope that he enjoys it and things are good for you all!

kara said...

I love uniforms. I used to wish my school did uniforms. I only pray my kids can wear uniforms. With 2 girls...I have already seen the drama that comes with wearing the RIGHT thing. Which is why they always look like they pulled the clothes out of the hamper, or used a Magic 8 ball to decide on that day's particular combo. Maybe I'll just TELL them they have to wear uniforms. That might work up to 2nd or 3rd grade...maybe???

kara said...

How many Karas do you know?

Kara and Theo said...

Three, but two who spell it the same way we do. I'm a Kara magnet! LOL!