Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jesus Loves the Little Children-the Kara Mix

When Grandma was in town a few months ago she picked up the nightly routine of singing to Miriam since I was in the hospital. When I got back home I was so preoccupied with Hannah I wasn't able to resume our songs, so Grandma gladly stepped up. By the time Grandma had to leave they were singing different songs than Miriam and I were singing. Miriam asked me the first night to sing "Jesus Loves the Children of the World". At first I didn't know what she was referring to, but when I figured it out it still didn't make much of a difference. I must be the only christian who doesn't know this song. Theo had to teach it to me, but I kept forgetting the words for some reason. They just weren't sticking in my brain. So I came up with my own version which is the new version that Miriam is singing with me now. It goes like this:

Jesus loves the little children,
All the children of the world.
There are white ones, black ones,
red and brown and yellow ones.
Jesus loves the children of the world.

Same message, right?


Andrea said...

I think it's the same message. Funny thing is when you mentioned the song, I had to stop and think about how it went. I have not heard that song in YEARS.

{THE BOHANS} said...

that's a crack up!