Sunday, June 17, 2007


The day finally arrived and my youngest sister, the baby of the family, has gotten married. She was sealed to her now eternal companion, Levi in the Baton Rouge temple. That was my first time at that temple. Baton Rouge is a mini-temple which means it isn't as big as some of the other full scale temples. And this one was very small. But I always seem to get the feeling that I am high above the ground when I am in the temple. It was a very sweet ceremony.
Here is Sheena and Levi cutting the cake.
Drinking the grape juice.

Here is little Emma ready to go looking very adorable.

Miriam is patiently waiting at the front of the line for her piece of cake. Levi is a Jazz fan since he is from Utah. That cake was delicious, they must be a good team!
It was a fun day and we are all glad that it is over! Now the chaos of throwing a wedding is over and we can enjoy the rest of our stay. And of course good luck to the new couple. I really do wish them an eternity of happiness, love and compromise. May their love of the gospel and of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ help them to overcome any and all obstacles in their lives together.


Lainie said...

I'm so glad you could be there for the wedding. What a fun gettaway!

Annie said...

What joy! I bet your parents are so proud and happy to see all of their children happily married.
I bet it was so good to be back home too. The South rocks!