Sunday, June 17, 2007

Beachy Days

Our very next day on arriving to Mobile, we went straight to the beach! The weather was hot and the water was just cold enough to cool you down, but after a few minutes it got very comfortable. Like warm bath water! Oh how I miss the southern beach!

Here little Miss Miriam is looking very chic in her Sleeping Beauty sunglasses. We had a bit of a breeze that day and we couldn't get her hat to stay on, but we sure did slather my ivory baby with sunscreen! Side note: she isn't too ivory anymore!

Here's Grandma (Theo's mom) trying to shade Emma with her wide-brimmed sun hat.

Tobie is attempted to skim board, he can actually ride it okay when he is on his knees. With practice I'm sure he could catch on and then Daddy could show him a few tricks.

Miriam loved playing in the sand when she wasn't enjoying the warm salty water. This is her cousin, Lexie. Lexie is my younger sisters daughter, she is 18 months old.

Tobie and his other two cousins, Coby and Gavin, found a pre-dug hole and tried to improve it a bit. They weren't out in the sand too much, they loved the water and when it was time to go, (after 3 hours!) it was no small feat to convince them to get out of the water.
It was such a fun day and we plan on going later on in the week. I did get freaked out once because there was these little schools of fish that kept bumping into my ankles and legs. You can see in the water, but it isn't crystal clear and the fish are transparent, so they were very hard to see. Once I got out I was better able to see them swimming up onto the sand and going back out with the tide. I didn't think it was sharks or anything, jellyfish would have been enough to keep me out of the water though. But it is still annoying having something bumping your leg and not knowing what it was.
We also had an interested air show while we were out there. First a Coast Guard helicopter flew by, then we saw two Blue Angels fly overhead. They are stationed in Pensacola and they were probably out practicing. Then an Army helicopter flew by pretty close to the ground. I could see the guy sitting in the doorway. It was pretty neat.
That was our day at the beach.


Lainie said...

The beach is much different than the west coast. I remember swimming inthe gulf of Mexico and how warm that water was. Wow! Loads of fun!!!

Cyrus and Annie said...

A warm beach? What would that be like?!

Anonymous said...

We did have a good day that day. I only wish we could have done it again before you left.