Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow, snow and more Snow

When we lived in CA we would go to Lake Tahoe for Spring Break while the snow was still fresh.  We would rent a cabin and go to the snow covered mountains.  Theo and Tobie learned how to snowboard while I would sit by with nursing babies watching their fun.  I always thought, "If we ever live near snow again I am totally going to learn how to ski."  I was told when we moved here to NJ that snow never happens, then 2 winters in a row, it's snowed!  The bad thing is, since it isn't a normal occurrence here they don't have any snow activities that are close by.  Not even any cool hills to slide down close to us.  We did get to go to Camelback and do some snow tubing which was super fun, but that's like a 3 hr drive!  Not something you can pick up and do in one afternoon.  So even though I got the first part of my wish, to live somewhere where it snowed; there's nothing to do, and I certainly can't learn to ski on this. 

But something I've discovered about myself is that...I DO NOT like cold weather.  I'm so cold, all the time!  This house isn't helping any, with drafty windows and doors.  Good thing we are in housing because this heating bill would be CRAZY!  I'm hearing the South calling my name.  I miss the flip flops, sitting in the sun...being able to walk outside without having to don long sleeves, long pants, jacket, long socks, scarf, hat, gloves, snow shoes.  I'm sure once the summer heat rolls in I'll be dreaming of white winters, but until then, enough already!!  Come on summer!!

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Britt Family said...

I hear ya! But it's not been much warmer here in the south this winter. I have had my fireplace going non-stop for the past 3months. I am more than ready for spring!!!