Tuesday, January 21, 2014

December 2013

 I know I'm behind in my blogging, so here is a month in a post.  We started off the month with snow and a birthday!

 Miss Chacha turned 3! She's still not making coherent speech, but she is improving.  She is going through potty training right now, and is a total rock star!  I'm so close to being diaper free after almost 12 straight years of changing them!
 Her sprinkle covered birthday cake, YUM!
 Then it was off to New York City to see all the lights and awesome decorations.  It was a freezing cold day, and there were so many people out it was like walking through a sea of people!  I've never experienced those kinds of crowds, not even at Mardi Gras!
 The tree at Rockefeller Center.
 Some really big balls.
 The Ferris Wheel INSIDE Toys R Us!

 Riding the Wheel!
 The scared-y cats who wouldn't go on the Ferris Wheel...ha!

 Inside Toys R Us, they had awesome toys and Lego statues throughout the place.

 Time Square
 M&M World, green representing Lady Liberty.
 Grand Central Station
 I totally thought of 'Madagascar' when we were here.
 This was a really beautifully decorated building.
 Empire State Building feeling the holiday love.
 Then it was off to Alabama for Christmas!  I don't know if you can see well enough in this picture: Alabama Snow!  a.k.a. Cotton fields :)
 What seems wrong with this picture?  Yes, it's almost Christmas and Theo and Charlotte are outside playing on the awesome fort my Dad built in shorts and short sleeves.  It was really nice weather while we were there!
 Time for the fun to begin!  We decorated sugar cones as Christmas trees with the cousins, so much fun!

 Time to open presents!  How you liking that sweet background?  LOL!  It's a My Little Pony homey fire to help put us in the winter mood for present opening on Christmas Day.

 My parents haven't had Santa visit their house in years!  I was trying to convince the kids that he just might not know to come here in the attempts to get them to behave while we were there, but it barely put a dent in their behavior, ha!  They were still really good, and loved being there with Mimi and Pawpaw!  They were the King and Queen of Christmas this year!
 It was a great visit, and then we had to leave and get back to real life.  *sigh*  Miss you guys!!
This pretty sums up the whole month...Charlotte passed out holding a Moon Pie.  Partied hard and ate to our hearts content! 

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