Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Arrow of Light

 I truly am proud of my Tobie and this great accomplishment, he received his Arrow of Light.  It helps that he really enjoys Scouts and it's always an added bonus when you have your Dad as your Scout Master pushing you...ha!
 Here's the incredible good looking Scout Master pinning Tobie...heehee...;)
 And here is Tobie struggling to get my pin on.  I think I took over after a minute or two because I didn't want to get blood on my shirt.
Theo got the idea to build a "bridge" for the boys to walk over to represent their crossing over into Boy Scouts.  He had a boy represent from each of the levels of Cub Scout come up and place a rock on the floor.  After the Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelo placed their rock Theo put 2X4's down and had the boys walk across it with the Mother's helping along the way.

It was a nice ceremony, and ended it with eating the Arrow of Light cake. :)  Now Theo and Tobie have been getting ready all week for Scout camp next week.  Tobie will actually be having his birthday while he is at camp.  I don't know how I feel about that...but Theo assures me it is going to be so much fun Tobie won't have time to be homesick.  I hope he's right, Theo has so many fond memories of Scouts that it isn't hard to get him involved in all the activities with Tobie.  I'm a little jealous, but really, with 4 girls I have a LOT of Girls' Camps to look forward to!

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