Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winter Wonderland

 This isn't what it looks like right now, but this wasn't too long ago.  This is what has confined me to the hamster wheel in my basement.  It sure was cool when it first fell, especially when the snow covered everything, but after the novelty wore off...and the slush, we are all done with the cold weather.  There is supposed to be snow tonight, in fact we've already seen a few flurries, but I doubt it will be as thick as it was this day.  But you do have to admit, it sure is purdy!

A look at the backyard, I half expected to see a deer peeking through the trees.  Can't you just imagine a little Bambi action in those woods! So picturesque! The snow has been nice and a neat experience for the kids so I try not to complain too much in front of them.  They've wanted to live near snow for a long time, even though I'm getting the summer itch I try to enjoy this moment with my kids.  There's trade offs for everything in life.

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Giuli said...

I grew up in Atlanta, and we got snow every seven years or so, but it was really just a dusting. Now that I live in it, I just can't get as excited about it anymore. However, I've learned some things that I love about real snow. I love the crunch that your feet make in foot thick snow that hasn't been walked on yet. I love when the sun shines on it and it glitters. I love it's clean, wet smell. I love the snowflakes (not the little snowballs, but the flakes) when they stick to my hair and make me look like the little girl in neverending story. I love watching my kids play in it, then coming home and drinking hot chocolate. I actually love the sweaty satisfying labor of shoveling out your driveway, as long as I'm wearing my thick warm snow boots. I LOVE watching the flakes come down when the sun is out. I swear that it looks like God is dumping glitter out of the sky! I love watching my little babies with their ruddy cheeks slide down the hill by our mailboxes. And snowpants on little kids . . . ADORABLE!