Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Sometimes I think McGyver must have taken some lessons from his mother to get all those sweet skills on how to make things out of nothing.

A few weeks ago it was Drug Free week at my kids school.  They do silly themed days and one of those days was Wacky Sunglasses day.  Emma had some googly eyes glasses and Miriam wore a pair of my super humongous sunglasses and Tobie had nothing.  I couldn't let him go to school without the proper equipment and it just broke my heart to see my 9 year old rolling on the floor crying because he couldn't wear the googly eyed glasses that belonged to his other sibling. (I'm being sarcastic, it was super annoying.)

Theo found some work goggles that had the frame of sunglasses, but they were clear.  It made him happy and it would have worked, but I had to step it up.  I painted these weird eyeballs on the glasses for him to wear the next day.  Problem averted.

Situation 2, Hannah a little accident at the YMCA and I didn't have any extra pants for her.  I had some underwear, but outerwear was MIA.  So, I took her jacket, wrapped it around her legs, zipped it up the front and then tied her arm sleeves around the front to make it look like a belt.  It would have looked pretty dang stylish if it wasn't a flannel jacket with snowmen all over it.  Still, attempt was a success.

Being a mom sometimes you just gotta, in the words of Tim Gunn, "Make it work!"