Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

I've made it a tradition whenever we have a missionary that dies here (dying refers to the missionary coming to the end of their mission) to tease them a bit by making a wedding cake. It's a running joke with missionaries as to how quickly they will get married after their mission. So as a gag I make them a mock wedding cake and they get to keep the topper as a souvenir of their last days of their mission. It's fun for all, and best of all we get to eat cake!

This adorable young man is ending his mission this week. He has been a great missionary and an even better Spanish teacher. See, he is one of the Spanish speaking missionaries in our area that I was lucky enough to go along with the idea of teaching Spanish to the English members of the church so we can bridge that gap between Spanish and English members. So far only two of my sisters and one of their sons has attended, but I really hope it will catch on and the class expands. But to Elder Orgill, Muchas Gracias! Te echaremos de menos!

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Mills Family said...

I love the wedding cake idea. How cute and creative. With a ward of 10 missionaries I bet this keeps you busy! 8)