Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Old

I've been putting off writing a post because truth be told I really like that last post. I tend to do that, keep a post up for a while if I'm exceptionally proud of myself for what I typed. And I am of that post. *patting self on the back*

Speaking of posts that I am really proud of I was looking back over some previous new year resolution posts and how can we forget THIS little nugget? And yes, it is still on my fridge.

It's funny how last year at this time I was battling the bulge left over from baby weight. But within a few months I dropped about 15 pounds preparing to run my very first half marathon at the Disney World Princess Half Marathon. I was in peak physical shape, (well peak for me) and motivated to keep on going for a healthy weight and to once and for all be a bona fide athlete and look like one.

But then I got preggers.

I went from running 10 miles every Saturday to barely being able to walk around the house within 5 months. I beached myself on my bed and started packing on the pounds.

Now here I am a year later, in the same position as last year. I am very eager and anxious to pick up my running again, even dreaming about it. With Hannah, I was back pounding the pavement when she was only 4 weeks old. It felt great! I totally thought I was going to pick up again after Charlotte. At 3 weeks I attempted it. The first mile felt awesome! I felt like I was soaring! But then I felt my body literally start to deflate once I hit the 1.5 mark. I stopped and paid the price for a week! I tried again at 4 weeks, this time just walking, again, paid the price for a week! Now she is 5 weeks and my confidence has been shattered as to my bodies ability to bounce back the way it used to.

I know it's too early and I shouldn't be beating myself up about it. It's just the fact that I once was able to. I guess I'm just getting old.


Mills Family said...

The Doctors say 6 weeks for a reason. Your body needs time to recover. Just take it easy and try again in a couple of weeks. Slowly work yourself up. You look great Kara. Hang in there little camper.

Aleisha said...

I felt the same way after Kyler, I wanted to run forever. But after Brylie, it took almost 8 months for me to get back on the treadmil. Having been put on bed rest for most of my pregnancy really took a tole on my body. Take it slow. You don't want to do damage that you will regret later. Trust me, I know how hard it is. You'll get back to wonder woman. :)