Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nearing the End

As I get closer to the end of my pregnancy I get less and less motivated to make a posting. Mainly because I have no pictures to share. I may one day get around to posting some of the random pictures that my Theo has taken, but right now my brain isn't functioning on all cylinders to stay focused as I wait for the pictures to load and then come up with some informative description of what is happening in said pictures.

When the new baby comes I guarantee that there will be pictures.

On another note about pictures, I have always been envious of people who take awesome pictures to post. It makes me wish that I could be there participating in their picturesque holiday. But then I see that one picture of the questionable Uncle, or the Grandmother that I know uses too much Dollar Store powder on her face and I wonder;

"What do they smell like?"

And then my curiosity is curved. What can I say, I'm a smeller. I will hold my breathe when walking past questionable looking people just so their smell doesn't penetrate my nostrils.

Am I the only one that does this?

1 comment:

kara said...

You are so random. Love it. I'm not a smeller. Unless it's in my home. Then it drives me crazy until I find the cause of the unwelcome smell. You can give me no greater compliment than to tell me my house smells good. That doesn't happen very often. But I love it when it does.