Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Break Fun

For Spring Break we decided to take the family on a little camping trip. We really feel blessed that we get to live here because we are so close to the beach. This camp ground is on a military base in Pensacola, FL., and is only $6 a night! This is the view from our campsite. We could hear the waves as we lulled off to sleep at night.
Heading down to the beach!
Little Miss Hannah preferred the sand, as soon as I made mention to go in the water she plopped herself down in the sand and cried, "NOOO!".
She warmed up to the idea the next day right before we were getting ready to leave. As long as she was holding mine or Daddy's hand, that is.
Don't let the sunny scene and blue skies fool you. Even though it was pretty warm that day the water still hasn't had enough time to warm up yet. That didn't stop our kiddies from jumping in the waves and trying to splash a dry Mom and Dad.
I love this picture of Emma laying out in the sun trying to get warm. She would take breaks every now and then and just roll in the sand to try and "warm up".
Getting ready for dinner and s'mores. Not only is the park for tent campers like us, but there were several RV's, which is my life's ambition to be able to retire and buy an RV so Theo and I can travel all over the states. The camp also had this really nice bath house with showers. NICE!
After we left the beach Theo wanted to see the National Museum of Naval Aviation. This place is super cool and I recommend it for anyone. They had air crafts from every military group. They even had ones you could sit in.

They even had a section on space travel and the progression of aviation suits. Did you know that the first suit was tied together, literally! You could see the stitches.

They had a play section for the kiddies, and unfortunately we past that first thing on our tour. So the rest of the tour was the kids asking every few seconds if they could go back to the playground. They had some neat things for the kids set up through out the building, but that playground was just the highlight of their experience. I'm sure if we just went for that the kids would have thought that was the most awesome place.

It really was a great Spring Break!


Cicily said...

that sounds like fun! I can't believe how big your kids have gotten. Hannah looks to be the age Emma was when we moved to Novato and met you guys. Crazy how time flies! I love reading your blog and keeping up with you. You are missed back here in CA. Girls Nites just don't have the same excitement as when you were here.

Britt Family said...

Awesome!! Camping+Smores= FUN TIMES!! :) Blaine has been looking for a good campsite for our family to go camping (he loves camping)! Is it only for military?

Alabama Apples said...

ooooh, sounds like a lot of fun. We love the beaches on the base in Pensacola. What a fun and relaxing way to spend Spring Break!

Mills Family said...

Kara looks like y'all had a blast. We love that campground. We stayed in one of the cottages with my parents when they came out in Feb. The museum is fun too! Glad you had a wonderful time!