Monday, March 1, 2010

Be Prepared

If you have any boys of the Scouting age, or if you were once a Scout yourself, then you are familiar with the motto, "Be Prepared". That phrase has been turning over and over in my mind since the earthquake in Haiti. Now with the devastation in Chile the words have returned.

I once lived in earthquake country for a short while, and it was a time of constant paranoia. Everyone was always talking about "The Big One" and how it was due at any moment now. I was petrified and couldn't wait to be transferred back to my safe Hurricane country, the South. I know that's a little tongue in cheek, but I always say you can run away from a Hurricane, but you can't run from an earthquake.

My religion has been very vigilant about preaching the importance of being prepared. My whole life food storage has been on the front burner of family issues. My mother canned food, my dad started a garden and as a family we would clean and fill MANY water bottles to store. It is important to understand that if there is a disaster that hits close to your home you are responsible for your own survival. With this perspective we should all have a back up plan on how we can feed our families in case something terrible happens.

I thought it was funny, but also a little alarming, when a friend of ours was giving a talk one Sunday about preparedness and how we should have at least $300 in cash for such emergencies. I don't know how he got on the topic of it with the bank teller, but when he explained that he needed it for his emergency stash she matter-of-factly stated that she has a debit card and therefore is in no danger of being without money. Did she not realize that if there is no power, then there is no working ATM's and therefore is no money?

Having at least 6 months of food storage is ideal with cash on hand in case ATM's aren't working. There is so much information on the internet how to achieve this. Here is one LINK that is an excellent resource to use. Regardless of your religious background this link is very informative and educational.

Even if you are one who doesn't live in an area prone to natural disasters it is still a good idea to have storage. Our country is slowly emerging from a recession. How many people lost there jobs, their homes? How many wondered when their next meal was going to be for them, and for their children.

Be prepared, two simple words that can save your life.

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