Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pioneer Pound Cake

We had the missionaries over for dinner tonight, and whenever we have them over I like to use them as guinea pigs for new recipes.

I've always wanted to taste Tres Leches cake, but I feel a slight anxiety attack that the cream is going to go all over the place when it gets poured on the cake. I thought I might brave enough to attempt it tonight, but as I was looking at the Pioneer Woman's blog I found something that I couldn't pass up.

The fact that it called for soda in the recipe really intrigued me. ("Soda" is what I call it. I understand the use of "Pop", but I will never understand "Coke". Yes, Coke is a soda pop, but it's a certain brand, NOT the universal word for a carbonated drink.) I knew this is what I wanted to make.

It was SOOOOO good! She recommended ice cream and some kind of fruit syrup, or whipped cream with fruit. So I decided to do it with a blueberry lemon syrup and homemade whipped cream. When the cake and the blueberries are warm with the whipped cream just melting over the top really makes this cake the most perfect cake in existence.
Please excuse the bottom picture. For one; I'm not a photographer, and two; I'm not a photographer.


Anna said...

yum! I am going to have to try it :)

Alabama Apples said...

oooh, yummy! I need to try this!

Mills Family said...

Ohhh looks heavenly! You need to make this for Bunco night one night! 8)

Lauren said...

Oh Yum! Do I need to make this???? Ummm. Yeah! It looks so good! Way to make me crave something.

Anonymous said...
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Cyrus and Annie said...

Hey I made that cake too!!! Yummy!!!