Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bass Pro Shop Santa

This was our FHE last night. We went to the Bass Pro Shop in Spanish Fort and got to see Santa. All day long the kids were so excited to see him.

When we got there though, we found out that you have to get an appointment card, which was 2 hours away. They just about bust a vein in their heads from screaming when we left to grab dinner so we could kill some time. Emma was especially distraught, she screamed and flailed all over the store floor. We had to physically pick her up and drag her out. She didn't stop screaming until we drove into Chik-Fil-A and she got sidetracked by the man in the cow suit waving to passerby's.

When we finally got back and it was our turn to sit the kiddos on Santa's lap, Miriam planted her feet, Hannah went into frightened convulsions and Emma who was so adamant to see Santa up close was now screaming to get away from the jolly man in red.

Santa was really awesome about it though and suggested a family picture. As long as Mom and Dad's bodies shielded the girls from the terror of St. Nick they were fine. I think we got a really good family picture out of it.

Tobie on the other hand was quick to get to Santa to tell him the first item on his list; a laptop. Santa looked at Tobie and said, "You're a little young for a laptop, don't you think?". As we left I told Tobie that I didn't think Santa does electronics. He looked up at me and said, pretty smug I might add, "We'll see.".

We'll see indeed. Merry Christmas to all our friends and family! We miss you and hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season!


Anna said...

:) lol...isn't that always how it goes? Merry Christmas!

Cyrus and Annie said...

There now you have a picture for your Christmas card.

Kara and Theo said...

Yeah, Annie, for next year! LOL!

kara said...

You'll shoot your eye out! That's what Santa should've said.

Anyway, dig the specs. Nice.