Sunday, October 19, 2008

Crazy Hair Day

Last Wednesday was crazy hair day at Tobie's school. He wanted to do his hair in some crazy color, but I didn't have any pomade so I came up with this wacky-do. Later that afternoon he told me that some 2nd graders were pointing and laughing at him. I told him the joke is on them because it is crazy hair day, DUH!!! I think it is a little reminisent of Pinhead.
The girls wanted to get into the action so here is Emma with 3 ponytails and Miriam has 4, with one on the back of her head that you can't see in the picture.


Chelle said...

That is so funny! That gives me some ideas for when Coby has his spirit week.

Andrea said...

How Fun! And what a good mommy to remind him that it is those laughing that the joke falls on. Love the pics.