Friday, July 13, 2007


We went to the Exploreum and had a great time. I didn't realize how few pictures we took until just now.They were featuring reptiles. Miriam found a good seat on top of this huge turtle.
Tobie looks petrified to be standing next to this ginormous boa constrictor, but he just didn't want his picture taken. I think this snake was around 15 feet long!
They had a wind simulator so you can feel the force of hurricane winds. More like a tropical storm, it only got up to about 80 mph. But the kids really loved it.
They have this really cool kid play area that we spent almost an hour in. You could get a bucket and search through the balls and gather up crab and fish. Then off to the side there was a fish market you could take them to and weight them. It was really cute.

Emma loved the ball pit.
Tobie really loved this part of it. I tried to get a better picture but he wouldn't stop jumping around. I'm really sad that I didn't take more pictures. They have so much more than what I have here. The IMAX is also in the same building. They were showing "Hurricane on the Bayou", it told the story of the inhabitants that live in the swamps and how they were able to survive the storm. We didn't go see it, but I have been to the IMAX before and it is pretty awesome looking up at that huge dome screen. This is such a fun place!
As we were leaving we noticed a lot of protestors on the street. Apparently Pres. Bush was coming to the Mobile Convention Center which was right across the street from the Exploreum. I think it was for a fundraiser for a Senator and he was the guest speaker. It looked like a good size crowd was forming, but I doubt it was anything like you would have seen here.


Cyrus and Annie said...

Your whole trip looks so fun!!! I think we need to vacation to Mobile!

Lainie said...

Dang - that's not here? That looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing.

Kara and Theo said...

If we ever get transferred back there you guys are definitely welcome to come visit! You'll have a free place to stay! Whenever we would take cross country trips, which was almost yearly, we would stay with friends my parents have made in their moving around. There was 7 of us, so I don't mind giving back and having people stay with me because I know how appreciative my parents were to their friends that opened their home to such a huge family.