Saturday, May 26, 2007


One of a mother's dream of having a little girl is the fun we'll have is fixing the little girls hair with pretty bows and cute hair-dos. Miriam is going on two and I am just starting to revel in the joy of fixing her hair. It is still really thin and I had to continuously put her hair back in the pigtails several times today, but I have waited so long it is worth it!


Cyrus and Annie said...

too cute. Just wait. one day you will be combing head after head like me :).

Annie said...

Miriam is adorable! Thanks for inviting us to your BBQ this afternoon. We know how much work and money for food it must have been. You guys are great and we are so glad to know you.

Lainie said...

Alyse's hair is just now coming in more full. My cousin told me to keep cutting it short until it thickened up and its finally working. Miriam is a doll! Have fun with those hair-stylin' days!!

Amen to Annie B.'s post. Thanks again for the super yummy food. I was in heaven: sausage, potatoes AND salads! Oh AND desserts including homemade ice cream?!!! You planned the perfect meal. Thanks so much!! And a huge thanks to Chef Theo. What a pro. Hey, I'd love the recipe to that broccoli salad. Do you have it? YUM! I know it had bacon in it. And I LOVE bacon!! Poor pigs are doomed with me around! ;0)