Thursday, April 19, 2007

Little Head

Emma had her 6 month check up Monday. She is doing great, strong and healthy. I was a little surprised to find out her percentages though. I can't remember the exact number of inches she was, but she is in the 75th percentile on hieght! I don't know where the hieght comes from, Theo is about average at 5'10 and I'm pretty short at 5'2. She is 15lbs 5oz which puts her in the 50th percentile. The real shocker was to find out she is in the 25th percentile in head circumference! She does have a petite head. Now Theo is calling her Little Head. I guess if we were still back in the Indian days maybe that would be her tribal name. I would rather her have a small head than a huge one anyday!


Cyrus and Annie said...

My kids are the huge head variety. They have abnormally large heads and feet. They are in the 10 percentile for everything except head where they hang out in the 80-90th percentile. If you look at them just right, they sometimes look a little bizarre. When Carolyn was a baby her feet were so long and skinny they looked like another calf.

Annie said...

All that percentile stuff evens out by age 2 anyway so no worries about Miss Little Head. It is no indication of a lack of intelligence! :)